Tips On Choosing a Better Korean Red Ginseng For You

If you are confused by too many choices available with such a varying range of prices, you are not alone.

This blog presents a number of considerations to equip the consumer with choosing the appropriate Korean Red Ginseng.

  1. Understand the Key characteristics of Korean Red Ginseng:
    • Boost energy production
    • Helps recover from fatigue
    • Strengthen immune and support systems
    • Improves blood circulation to protect the body against external pathogens such as cold viruses
    • Acts as an anti-oxidant by minimising the generation of excess active oxidants that attacks cells
    • Improve sexual energy
    • Help with issues related to Erectile Dysfunction
    • Helps with issues related to Hypertension/Hypotension
    • Helps with issues related to Menopause


  1. Get to know your body first by considering the following
    • Are you low in energy? Do you get tired quickly and struggle to perform day to day tasks?
    • Are you low in immunity? Do you always catch seasonal cold (viruses)?
    • Do you hate the cold? Cold limbs/extremity/hands/feet.
    • Do you have deficient blood symptoms low energy and dizziness?
    • Consider your life-style and type of activity you are involved in
      • Students with study and exams
      • Officer workers with stress and limited time to exercise
      • Training for sporting events
      • Elderly people


  1. Things to lookout for on Korean Red Ginseng products
    • Concentration Level. The range between the Low as 4% to as high as 38%
    • How do we know this? For all the Korean Red Ginseng products sold in Korean Domestic market, it is a requirement to mention level of concentration on the packing. See example below.

However, products that are sold in international markets not bound by any monitoring regulation. Concentration levels is one of the most considered factor, but are often left off packaging labels.  Why is the concentration level is important?
    • It is the primary consideration for Korean Red Ginseng product because quality and concentration is directly reflected in the price. The higher the concentration level, the more Ginsenosides and therefore the benefit potential in the product. Naturally extracted forms of Ginseng are more potent and therefore more expensive than other forms such as pills and teas.
    • All of Korean Red Ginseng products are packed in very appealing looking packaging, but consumers need to look carefully for the concentration levels, and whether what the resellers say about the concentration level is true.  Often concentration levels are not stated or guaranteed.
        1. If Ginseng products come from Korea, consider the following precautions prior to purchase.



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