Precautions When Purchasing Health Foods That Originate From Korea

 Firstly, determine if the such products have suitable information about functionality that you need and that is what you are looking for.  Health Functional foods only display functionalities recognized by the Department of Food and Drug Administration of Korea. Please check “Nutrition & Functional Information” on the Food Safety homepage of Food and Drug Administration (Open in Chrome to translate from Korean to English).

 Secondly, Look for the phrase or mark “health foods”. Only products approved and reported by the Department of Food and Drug administration have the label or design for “health functional food” on the packaging. If these marks are not on the front of the product, they are not recognized by the Department of Food and Drug Administration of Korea.


■ Thirdly, check out the "Mark and Ad Review" draft! Functional foods that are recognised as functional will be marked or advertised on the packaging before they are sold to consumers. At this time, the contents of the display and advertisement must be reviewed in advance. Preliminary deliberations are made through the functional labeling and advertising review committee set up by the Korea Association of Health Functional Foods. Products that have passed the preliminary review can use the “preliminary review design” as shown below.

Fourthly, take notice of the “GMP” mark first! Consumers have high expectations for safety and quality as well as functionality for health foods. As a result, the GMP system has introduced to ensure that health functional food manufacturing companies produce safe and quality health functional food. Please check the following GMP certified pattern on the health functional food label.

Fifthly, make sure you check that the products have a valid expiration date.


Tips on Safe Ways to Consume Therapeutic/Dietary Supplements/Products

 Stick to the recommended dosage.

Unlike general foods, Therapeutic/dietary supplements are recommended with specific method and quantity for ingestion, so they must be checked and followed. No matter how good it is, it is harmful to ingest too much. Eating more doesn't make your functionality better.


 Do not ingest several things together.

Nutraceuticals contain many ingredients, and ingesting several products at the same time may cause unexpected effects on the body's ability to interfere with each other's absorption or cause chemical reactions inside our bodies.


 Please check the precautions when ingesting.

Due to the nature of the raw materials, vulnerable people (children, pregnant and lactating women, senior citizens), people with certain diseases and medicines may need special attention. Ingestion precautions must be observed at all times.


 Please talk to your doctor first if you are currently taking medicines.

People who are currently being treated or currently taking medications for certain diseases should consult their doctor before taking therapeutic/dietary supplements. When foods or dietary supplements are used with medication, the efficacy of the medication may be impaired or nutrient deficiency may occur. As far as is known, serious side effects have not been reported when using dietary supplements and medications together. However, if you take medication for certain diseases, please consult your doctor before taking therapeutic/dietary supplements.



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