Customer Profile:  Fit and healthy 43 year old male, running a business and studying at university

“I am normally a fit and healthy person.  I exercise and eat well.  However, since I have a family, I run a business and also go to university, I wanted to see if I can get an extra boost using a natural herb extract.  I tried the 30% concentration of Korean Red Ginseng Extract Family Gold Stick from East Sun Health Foods.  What I noticed was the following:

I can say that I am not as tired at night and can stay up later e.g. to study. I sleep better to recover from the day.  There is an increase in alertness.  For me it’s like going from a scale of 7-8/10 energy level to 9-10/10 energy level.  It took about 5-6 days for the Ginseng to kick in and I started feeling the difference.  The feeling is a bit weird, like taking vitamins that actually work”


Customer Profile:  Active 47 years old male, full-time remedial massage therapist & studying full-time at university and running a business.

"It always has been challenging for me to keep up with all aspects of my day to day activities, physically, mentally and spiritually. I have busy and irregular working hours.  I study at night after return from physically demanding work.  I was over-weight by more than 25kg which did not help my daily routine. I was wanted to lose 25kg over-weight to reach my ideal weight. I was physically active walking 7,000 to 12,000 steps daily. However, my life-style was poor with unhealthy quality/quantity of diet and irregular meal times. This all led to decreasing my energy levels.

Since, I have been taking Korean Red Ginseng extract therapeutic supplement, I have reversed my situation positively. It has boosted my energy level progressively. I noticed I was not feeling tired after work and able to concentrate on my study at night. It has indirectly boosted my confidence, to take initiative and to be disciplined about controlling my diet.  I do not have to east as much during the course of the day. So far I have lost 12kg over 4 months. Overall, I am feeling better, sleep well and experience increase focus and concentration."