Tips For Tough Times Ahead

With the lock down directives from our government looming, our minds and bodies are going to be put to the test.  Hopefully it will not be for too long.  Here are some coping tips from the East Sun Health Foods team.

  1. Cut down all unnecessary expenses, and travel.
  1. Eat wisely.
    • Eat smaller but nutritious portions to boost your immune system. It will also save you money and make your food store last longer.
    • Consider taking a natural immune system booster like Korean Red Ginseng extract to help boost and calm your mind and body. In can the consumed straight from the packet or check out other ways to consume Korean Red Ginseng here.
  1. Boost your immune system with Korean Red Ginseng. Check out this article.  Our extracts can be consumed with ease straight from the packet.
  1. Establish a home routine of exercise, meditation and education and maybe some board games and card games to keep the mind and spirit going. There are lots of mobile app games that you can play online with your friends.  Make the routine as compact and varied as possible so you have things to do at home throughout the day from you wake up till you go to sleep.
  1. Online services to consider and incorporate into your day:
    • Read a new book on Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books
    • Learn to play poker with friends on Zynga Poker
    • Learn a new musical instrument on Udemy
    • Touch up on computer and Internet skills on YouTube
    • Learn to be really fast at touch-typing at
  1. This is also a good time to reconnect and reorganise
    • Cleaning up your wardrobes, rooms and garages, clearing unwanted clutter from your mind and focus on existence.
    • Reorganise your phone book which you always wanted to make those groups you were waiting to create.
  1. Pick 10 contacts from your phone book and message them and fix a time for a call and have a chat
  1. Stay on-top of updates from the government about the virus, but don’t over-do it. Tuning in too much to the dramas will affect your mind, body and your health.
  1. What a great time to learn a form of meditation such as sitting mediation, Tai Chi or Yoga. If can maintain control of your mind to be strong and positive, everything else will follow such as healthy mind, body and immune system.  Remember that meditation is an investment in time, so be patient and disciplined.  The rewards can be amazing.  If you are going to read a book, make it a book on meditation.

Amongst all the bad news and hardship, there are great and positive opportunities around.  You just have to look out for them.

Take care and all the best from the tea

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