How Do Korean Families Incorporate Red Ginseng Into Their Life-Style?

As is typical with Asian culture, herbal plants and extracts that are used in Traditional Eastern Medicine (e.g. Chinese Medicine or Korean Medicine) are often integrated into family rituals and routines such as:

  1. Common health remedies such as teas and ointments for optimal health
  2. For daily cooking, making tasty traditional meals

Korean Red Ginseng is no different to other natural herbs and minerals such as Ginger and Garlic.

This blogs provides some insight into how Korean families incorporate Red Ginseng into their lives, and also shows how it is suitable for active athletes, students, family members young and old. 

Korean Red Ginseng is a nutritious herb that has been used since ancient times across Asia and deeply rooted into the well-being culture through many Korean generations. It is widely used in a diverse range of applications to maintain healthy and balanced life-styles.  The uses remain largely unchained from ancient society to modern society.


Korean Red Ginseng is powerful and natural, and provides for a vast range of health benefits and uses. 

For Special Events and Celebrations

Traditionally Korean families often serve Korean Red Ginseng tea for honoring special visitors to their homes.  Ginseng is frequently used in traditional Korean tea ceremonies alongside green tea. 

For Cooking

On a special occasion like a Korean day called Chobok, a popular Korean delicious & healthy dish is called Sam-Gye-Tang, a disk that is cooked with chicken, garlic, dates, pumpkin seeds, ginger and Korean ginseng. We will soon release a new blog for cooking with Ginseng. 

For Maintaining Good Immunity

Immune cells in our body are made up of protein.  Sam-Gye-Tang is rich in protein and can help boost immunity in the body and can help people with common ailments such as cold, profuse sweating, fatigue and poor concentration. It is easy to digest as chicken meat fibers are thin and tender. Fat is not mixed in the meat and the taste is light and digestive absorption is smooth.  Sam-Gye-Tang cooked with Ginseng activates enzymes in the body to promote metabolism and accelerate recovery of fatigue. 

For Pregnancy

For Korean pregnant woman who need high quality protein and fat, consume chicken in seaweed soup together with Korean Red Ginseng. This dish provides a lot of amino acids including methionine, which is effective in boosting generation of new flesh cells.



For the Elderly 

The most common health conditions for the elderly are Heart Disease, Cancers, Dementia and Alzheimer Disease. We all have parents, grandparents and relatives we care about. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) today, mortality rates are lower than ever. People who reach the age of 65 can live up to another 19.3 years longer on average if they are careful about managing their health.

Korean Red Ginseng is commonly consumed daily to help the elderly maintain optimum health alongside healthy eating and exercise. 

For Parents

Parents often have a thousand things going on at work and at home, and it never ends. Korean parents often have to take care of their younger kids, and also their own elderly parents. It is vital that they maintain their own good health in order to provide and take care of their family over the long term. When parents, get sick, their duties do not stop.  That is why Korean parents use Korean Red Ginseng to maintain the best health and to recover faster when they do get ill. 

For Kids

To help their kids maintain the best of health growing up, Korean families allow them to consume a diluted and often sweetened Korean Red Ginseng mixture.  The various forms for consumption may include:  Ginseng extract mixed with honey, in juice, in jelly and also in candy form. 

For Students

For Students studying in university, they may consume a medium to high concentration extract daily to give them the most energy, cognitive function and focus for their academic endeavors and challenges. 

Ginseng and Red Ginseng are the most widely researched herbs. The actual meaning of “Panax Ginseng” is “cure all”. Many scientific studies show that Korean Red Ginseng increases endurance, cognitive performance, energy, mood, athletic performance, reduce stress and improves the immune system.

For Athletes 

According to one research, trained athletes who took Panax Ginseng found massive improvements in their aerobic capacity. One study stated that those who took the Korean Red Ginseng for at least 30 days improved their time of exercise by more than 7 minutes. Apart from increasing the athlete’s endurance, Ginseng prevents the fungal infections in athlete’s foot and soothes muscle inflammation. In order to get the energetic benefits, a daily consumption of 200 mg or 400 mg is recommended for at least 3 to 6 weeks.

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